• Project & Engineering

    Göze Energy offers project and engineering services with the highest service policy in order for the projects to serve sturdily for long years. We exercise qualitative works by handling a project, starting from the application phase and planning it in accordance with customer demands, so as for the “Project Application” item to be successful with our team of experts and competent engineers.

  • Application Construction

    Göze Energy works with great devotion in order to engage approved TEDAŞ (Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation) projects with experienced field application teams according to pre-application feasibility reports and technical data.

  • Purchase & Supply

    Göze Energy aims to provide its customers with the most efficient power plants with the highest production potential, as a result of alternative studies carried out in approximately 60 items, starting from the connector and ending with the distribution center.

  • Lending & Finance

    Göze Enerji prepares feasibility, BP and loan documentation for loan applications of all individual or corporate investors in different scopes.

  • Inspection

    Göze Energy provides periodic inspection, performance verification and preventive error analysis services to maximize the production of solar power plants, reduce costs and help you meet regulatory requirements.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Göze Energy ensures that investors have a high-performance Solar Power Plant investment by its works in the fields of maintenance, repair, supervision, operation and management.

    Our maintenance/repair and operation services enable solar power plants to reach the production values envisaged at the feasibility phase, to increase their performance and to retain energy production rate.

  • Consultancy

    Göze Energy is one of the only few companies which continues its existence both as an investor and a contractor in the sector. Therefore, we differ from the rivals and rise to prominence as a company which experienced difficulties in both procedures and which has developed different solutions.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Göze Energy provides services to its customers about Carbon Stock Market(Emission Trade) and operationalize the facilities within this scope in order for their power plants to create added value.

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