Göze Enerji provides services to its customers on the Carbon Exchange, which will create added value for the power plants they own, and prepares the facilities within this scope.

What is Carbon Exchange (Emissions Trading)?

  • The market formed as a result of countries and companies buying and selling emission collections in order to reach appropriate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In this context, a carbon emission quota is allocated to each EU member country and the member countries are expected to share these quotas among the producers in their own countries.
  • By design, if any country or producer exceeds its quota, it will be able to purchase carbon quotas from the country or producer that produces less.

What is Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency? How is it provided?

Energy efficiency; to minimize the energy consumed without sacrificing comfort conditions, performance, production quality and quantity. Energy saving, on the other hand, is to reduce energy consumption by compromising some of these factors.

Today, one of our biggest energy needs is electrical energy. We consume electrical energy in every aspect of our lives, from our household appliances to our technology products, from our heating and cooling needs to automobiles. Our aim is not to save energy, but to provide energy efficiency.

The biggest step in energy efficiency is to produce this electricity ourselves. Thanks to Solar Energy Systems, it is possible to produce our own electricity at home, at work, in our hotel or in our production facility.

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