The energy produced from solar power panels installed on the roof not only reduces your electricity bill but also is one of the best contributions to the environment and national economy.

With Rooftop Solar Power Systems (GEF/SPS), you may supply the electric energy you need at your homes, summer houses, and enterprises for the coming years in the most economical manner. With a solar energy plant, you may get rid of the high energy bill problem and even have a profitable investment that pays itself back in a few years with the sale of generated excess energy back to the grid.

The decreasing investment costs of rooftop solar power plants, the increasing number of installations, and the positive impact of the new technological developments in recent years allow investors of commercial and industrial enterprises and even homeowners to make easier decisions in investing in this direction.

The investments made to Rooftop Solar Power Systems enable electric energy costs, which is one of the most critical cost items for commercial enterprises, to be taken under control. Accordingly, this nature-friendly system is considered the most advantageous and the cleanest energy option.

Göze Energy as a leading company with its turn-key delivery projects for Rooftop Solar Power Systems supported by the recent legislation and incentives in our country provides professional solutions to the investors in this area.

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